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Company Dynamic
  • Suzhou Kyuan had released the latest safety scalpel

    The new type of safety scalpel is avaible now. This safety scalpels with a sliding shield to cover the blade is designed to prevent scalpel injuries and comply with OSHA regulations.

  • Suzhou Kyuan Global Exhibition Plan in 2017

    Hospitalar 2017, Sao Paulo Brazil

    Time of Exhibition: 16th-19th May,  2017

    Stand of Suzhou Kyuan: Hall Blue, 2-27C

    Africa Health 2017, Johannesburg South Africa

    Time of Exhibition: 6th-9th June,  2017

    Stand of Suzhou Kyuan: Hall 2, 2J53

    Medicall 2017, Chennai India

    Time of Exhibition: 28th-30th July,  2017

    Stand of Suzhou Kyuan: Hall 2, 2B4B

    Medica 2017, Duesseldorf Germany

    Time of Exhibition: 13th-16th November,  2017

    Stand of Suzhou Kyuan: 7A B12g

    Arab Health 2018, Dubai The United Arab Emirates

    Time of Exhibition: 29th January-1st February,  2018

    Stand of Suzhou Kyuan: Z5H42

  • Suzhou Kyuan donated 7,500 pcs of Ophthalmic Knives to Africa.

    Suzhou Kyuan has donated 1,500 pcs of slit knives, 1,500 pcs of crescent knives and 1,500 pcs of stab knives to Africa via Red Cross this month.

  • The XXXIV Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons will take place at Copenhagen

    ESCRS was founded in 1991s. It's the leading organization for cataract and refractive surgeons. It's a pity that Suzhou Kyuan can't attend this event this year, becuase at the same time we have attended an local event CCOS in Suzhou.

  • Ophthalmic knife will be the most important product for Suzhou Kyuan!

    Since 2014s, Suzhou Kyuan has been the most famous manufacturer of Ophthalmic knife in China! Recently, Suzhou Kyuan has invested a lot in developing a new material so that the ophthalmic knife can be sharper and harder than any others. 

  • We have produced the most surgical blades in China within the first half year!

    Suzhou Kyuan have produced almost 30 million pieces of Surgical Blades and Scalpels in the last seven months!

  • 30 years of development

    China's medical equipment industry is gradually developed after the founding of the PRC, has experienced a development process from scratch, from small to large, which is characterized by low starting point, fast development.

  • China's medical equipment industry

    With the rapid development of domestic enterprises, as well as the rapid development of the market focus from high-tech to universal transfer, the competitiveness of domestic products is gradually increased.

  • An important part of the pharmaceutical industry

    Medical device as an important part of the pharmaceutical industry, for consumers, medical institutions of traditional Chinese medicine is the configuration of the machine is equipped with the doctor to judge the standard of medical institutions.

  • Medical device industry related to medicine

    Medical device industry related to medicine, machinery, electronics, plastics and other industries, is a multi-disciplinary cross, knowledge intensive, capital intensive high-tech industries.

Founded in 1986s, Suzhou KYUAN Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. has become a leader in the manufacture of Blood (safety) Lancets and surgical products in China. In this Era of Quality Consciousness, Kyuan is also aware of customer's requirements regarding quality. So in this regard, Company is accredited to ISO 13485, CE 0197 as well as GMP.

  • Contacts: Mr. Shi
  • TEL: +86 18651106599
  • Whatsapp: +86 18651106599
  • Mail: shi.ye@medi-kyuan.com
  • Address: Beiqiao Town, Suzhou City, 215144 Jiangsu, P.R. China

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